The Ministry of Energy launched the tender process for 1.5 GW of solar-connection capacity under the Renewable Energy Resource Zones (YEKA) scheme. The power will be distributed to 76 points across 23 regions, with allocated capacities varying from 10 MW to 30 MW. Each underbidding will start with a ceiling price of 40 Krs/kWh, which corresponds to 4.47 US$c/kWh, using an 8.95 TL/US$ exchange rate.

The auctions are held with TL-based prices, but prices will escalate quarterly with a formula indexed to the CPI, the PPI, and US$-EUR FX rates. 

The power purchase agreement (PPA) term for the solar YEKA-5 tender is determined as the period for the first 23 GWh of production of each MW of connection capacity.